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Client Testimonial:

“You are my favorite property management expert!”

— Attorney

Reisch Consulting Group, Inc. is a real estate advisory and consulting firm dedicated to providing its clients with comprehensive information and services on matters involving investment real estate. Clients include owners, investors, managers, attorneys, adjustors and others who need assistance with a project, claim or lawsuit. As practitioners currently involved in leadership roles within the industry, we are uniquely positioned to deliver current perspectives on relevant industry topics.

Typical assignments in the legal industry involve serving as an expert on serious or complex premises liability litigation involving personal injury or wrongful death matters. Working with litigators on the side of both plaintiffs and defendants, we are able to provide accurate and objective evaluations from the perspective of the property management profession.

By demonstrating the highest level of ethics, integrity and professionalism, it is our goal to build a community of satisfied customers through excellence in service. Established in 2000, we are proud of the strong national reputation we have earned by achieving this goal.